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Dendritic Cell Therapy

  • What are Dendritic cells and how do they kill cancer cells?
  • Dendritic cells considered the pacemakers of the immune system, were originally identified by Steinman and his colleagues in the early seventies. They are crucial to the presentation of peptides and proteins to B and T lymphocytes and are the key antigen presenting cells. They are critical for the induction of T cell responses resulting in cell mediated immunity.
  • It is the T cell receptors on the T lymphocytes which recognize fragments of antigens bound to molecules of the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) on the surfaces of dendritic cells (DC). The peptide binding proteins, which are of types I and II, interact with and stimulate cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs) and T helper cells.
  • The antigens from a cancer cell on entry into the APC, are processed, spliced into peptides and then re-expressed on the cell surface linked to MHC proteins.
  • This results in generation of CTLs which recognized and destroy only cancer cells which express the antigen. The T helper cells which when activated in turn have profound immunoregulatory effects.
  • Therefore, DC play a key role in host defenses and a crucial role in anti-cancer immune responses.

What is Denvax?

The Denvax is dendritic cell based cancer immunotherapy for solid cancers in various stages of the disease. It is autologous treatment, which involves patient’s own mononuclear cells transformed into cancer-specific dendritic cells. Designed to be specific, Denvax targets only the cancer cells without harming the healthy ones. It is safe and effective and works best to prevent relapse and recurrences, the major cause of mortality and morbidity. Denvax helps in correcting the failed immune surveillance and teaches the immune system to recognize and kill cancer cells.

How does it Work to Kill Cancer Cells?

A cancer relapse occurs because in spite of the best efforts to get rid of cancer, some cancer cells are left behind. These cancer cells remain dormant for a period of time, but eventually they continue to multiply resulting in the recurrence or relapse.

What is the best way to treat relapse?

Cancer treatment modalities like surgical resection, chemotherapy and/or radiation are mostly ineffective in controlling the micrometastasis. Micrometastases are single tumor cells or clusters of cells shed by solid cancers and disseminated in various organs of the body. Micrometastases have a pronounced clinical effect, are hard to detect and can be the starting point of recurrence of cancer. Denvax targets the micrometastais and destroys the disseminated cancer cells, thereby preventing its development, slowing the spread of cancer and improving the life expectancy

Why Choose Denvax?

Denvax is dendritic cell based cancer immunotherapy. Dendritic cells (DC) therapy delays cancer progression and improves patient survival.


Denvax shows most promise at preventing a recurrence of cancer after surgery, chemotherapy or radiation because the immune system will need to …


Denvax can be given alone or in combination with the other treatment modalities. Dendritic cell therapy comes under the heading of …

Denvax is customized treatment. It is designed to be safe and has minimal side effects. Some patients may experience fever for a day or two …

To manufacture Denvax, patient’s own mononuclear cells are collected either by drawing a fresh sample of peripheral blood or by apheresis procedure.

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  • “I would say Denvax came as a blessing for us”

    Sudha Acharya

    “Patient of Cancer of the Genito-Urinary System”

  • “My disease has not recurred.Denvax treatment has made me cancer-free for more than three years”

    Col S.K Tripathi

    “Patient of Cancer of Urinary Bladder”

  • “I am blessed with a new life after cancer, with Denvax treatment. I am very happy also because i have just given birth to a healthy baby."

    Poonam Saini

    “Patient of Cancer of CBD with Liver involvement, metastatic disease”

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